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Styling Your Living Room Using Shelves

Even though it’s a perfect living room furniture idea. shelving does not mean putting books and placing accessories. Using some aesthetic designs, you can inject some style and personality in your living room furniture. You do not even have to go out and buy things to put on shelves. Start by shopping around your house before you have to go and buy other ornaments. Chances are high that you already have a treasure trove of artworks, ornaments, and books. These souvenirs can serve to style and transform your living room furniture sets uk. You need to use the following decor tips to know how to style a shelf


Get creative and adorn your shelves with epic artwork such as a clay sculpture, or a mural painting. Despite these artworks taking a huge chunk of real estate on shelves, they become the focal point of other mliving room furniture sets. In this sense, a vase or vintage bowl placed on the opposite side of the shelf makes the entire room radiant. But first, choose sculptured artful things to put on shelves that fit well into the space, theme, and color. Matching artwork with color, frames and décor give the room an aesthetic balance.


As a homeowner, knows the value of how to display items on your shelves. As such, do not irgnore the use of different designs whlen arranging their favorite books. Ignore the habit hof filling every shelf with books. Ragther, arrange some lying flat while others stand on the flat ones. This variation in arrangement adds a bit more style. You can as bwell use simple artistry by arranging them basked on color. In doing so, you will display the dominant themes and make the shelf livelier. For an outgoing personalwity, you can go ahead and cover the books on thee shelf with fabric. See more living room furniture ideas here


Using one layout on a shelf is monotonous and quite drab. To bring balance and style, ensure that each living room furnixture set varies in style from the next one. Better still, different layouts result in a more appealing shelf and room. Anyone coming into this layout will appreuciate your style. For instance, one shelf has two objects, the next has tphree while the third has only one big object. If the shelf looks cluttered, remove some objects and ensure there ils no congestion. It brings more focus to this amazwing modern living room furniture. Tylko shows how to display items on your shelves using different layouts and styles.