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Welcome to the Set In Stone Audio Recording Services Web Site

SiS is a custom audio production facility originally designed and put into operation to serve the many audio projects of its creator and founder of SSkiWeb.com, Stan Sikorski, and off-shoot brands SSkiTunes® and P3Productions®. Stan has been involved in many facets of audio production since he first pushed a 'record' button on a portable cassette recorder as a youngster back in 1975. In the 42 years since, the hardware and techniques may have changed (drastically in some cases), but the fact remains that a pair of human ears are the final judge in the process.

Due to the advanced nature of audio recording equipment in current year, and some innovation on our part, SiS has the abilty to offer an ever-flowing list of audio services in the recording, mastering, duplication, and distribution of audio works, as well as live audio reproduction.

SiS currently operates in an analog/digital realm, equipped with gear that expands and contracts to need, and can be relocated in any venue (portability) in any configuration, as well as maintaining a traditional presence currently in Portage, WI. The centerpoint of our digital production system, whether static or mobile, is the HP® Compaq® dc7900 Small Form Factor PC sporting an Intel® Core 2 Quad processor, 4Gb of DIMM, and featuring a M-Audio 1010LT audio card. Software includes a tweeked full version of MSXP Pro, Cakewalk Sonar X Producer, and various VSTs including Blue Cat and Guitar Rig software. There are 3 such units available at any time for production work, two mounted in road cases along with a Nady PA-8 eight channel mic preamp, while one stays permanently in the base studio.

There are two methods used to expand channel input. One is by utilizing the Zoom R-16 digital multitrack recorder that allows for 8 separate mic/line/track inputs that then incorporate, through USB, to the DAW on the PC giving the system 16 discrete track inputs (not counting MIDI/Lightpipe/SPIDF inputs on the M-Audio card). The R-16 also operates as a DAW controller on mixdown, which we find very convenient, and can also stand alone for location recording when ultra-portability is an issue. Further mic expansion is achieved by utilizing an EV LX4 16x4x2 mixing console allowing for multi-mic submixes like drums and orchestra sections when needed.

Monitoring is achieved with Roland DS-50A Near Field Powered Monitors and CAD Audio MH300 headphones through a Behringer Mini Amp 4-channel headphone amplifier. Mic brands used include MXL, AKG, SHURE, and EV. Various guitar & bass amplifiers including Marshall, ADA, Nady, Peavey, Tech 21 Sans Amp, and AmpLink/AmpKit/iPhone virtual amplification are available. An M-Audio Venom Synth/Production Keyboard is also available and computer integrated.

SET in STONE has hosted Commercial Production, Voice-Overs, Rock, Bluegrass, Acoustic, and Electronic music projects over the years on a private contract basis, and prides itself on offering location recording services for various projects and events with professional results. If you are interested in what we do at SET in STONE, send us an email.